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Atlantic Canada Bulk Terminal expertly handles international cargo requirements at a competitive price. Committed to client satisfaction, our team provides efficient and timely stevedoring, terminal, and warehouse services.

We understand that each contract is unique and requires special attention. Every job has customized requirements that will ensure its successful, damage-free completion.

Our facility continues to evolve and grow. Atlantic Canada Bulk Terminal is a vital link in the Europe-Great Lakes Route and a viable transfer point for commodities destined for the eastern seaboard.


and Services

Location and Services

Atlantic Canada Bulk Terminal is located on the eastern coast at the mouth of the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Sydney, Nova Scotia. The Sydney facility is ideally situated on the crossroads of the major North Atlantic East-West trade route and the North-South trade route from Canada to South America.

Situated on 110 acres of prime land, with direct waterfront access to Sydney Harbour, Atlantic Canada Bulk Terminal provides year-round services. The facility can utilize 1,170 feet of wharf face to accommodate the simultaneous loading and/or discharging of two vessels.

Terminal Amenities

  • ISPS Certified
  • 1,170 feet of continuous wharf space
  • Wide, spacious dockside, ensuring safety and security
  • Rail service directly to docks
  • Warehouse facilities
  • 110 acres available for storage and transfer activities
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At Atlantic Canada Bulk Terminal we provide equipment, storage facilities and an experienced team that will meet your specific needs. Each cargo shipment requires specialized care and our equipment is capable of handling a variety of materials including machinery, granite, pre-fabricated products and offshore wind components at a competitive price.


Atlantic Canada Bulk Terminal is
located on the Eastern Seaboard.

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